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Learning in the Digital Age

Bar February 2020

For the students of today, growing up with new technologies at the touch of their fingertips has changed the way they view the world. Gone are the days of reading textbooks and taking down notes. Today, with just a few clicks, an encyclopedia of information can be found, enabling students to live in an open- book environment.

Today, online learning is contributing to the student experience globally. Fast-developing technology and ever-changing consumer lifestyles are driving institutions to offer more flexible learning environments, catering to the needs of new generations.

In order to enhance the student experience online, we first need to understand these upcoming generations, and the traits of the 21st century learner.

Top traits of the 21st century learner

Digital experts

Modern learners are enormously social online. Millennials, in particular, spend large amounts of screen time catching up with friends, for entertainment purposes and forming connections. With technology being integral in our lives, the face-to-screen approach has taken off in the education sector.

Personally, I remember dreading any homework, because it would result in a heavy bag and a sore back. eLearning has transformed student’s habits completely, as content can now be accessed online, at any time. Studying online allows students to have a work-life balance and enhances self-direction in their learning.

Hungry for knowledge

This generation demand information anywhere at any time. In an eLearning setting, it’s imperative that additional resources are provided to students, allowing them to explore concepts on their own. Extra reading and problem-based activities enable learners to fuel their crave for information and stimulation.

Enjoy freedom over their learning

Modern learners are extremely independent, not being afraid to find any resource to fuel their goals and aims. If they can't find the information they are looking for, they will simply search somewhere else. Modern learners also enjoy having control over their learning. They prefer choosing when to complete a task, rather than being told to meet a rigid deadline.

Exposed to endless distractions

From reality to online, modern learners are constantly distracted by everything around them. I’d be lying if I said I’ve never picked up my phone or read up on an irrelevant topic in the middle of studying. With our fast-paced lifestyles and busy schedules, it’s easy to lose track. Students of today are bombarded with information from multiple sources daily, that its quite hard to process everything simultaneously. This may pose a threat to eLearning; however, this can easily be avoided by ensuring that content for students is engaging, relevant and easy to use.

Didasko Online

How can we cater for the 21st century learner?

Utilising an interactive Learning Management System such as Didasko Online, is a good way to consider modern student’s traits. Didasko enables RTO’s and students to experience a more efficient education system. Students are exposed to our award-winning multimedia and engaging content, enabling them to enjoy and learn simultaneously.

With our creative animations, live videos and challenges, students can learn at their own pace, whilst putting their knowledge to the test. Our online system reduces the workload for RTO’s, ensuring that everything is stored in one place. Our thorough reporting features promote organisation within your business, enabling trainers to access learner progress and results easily.

It’s important that educators are aware of the modern learner’s traits. RTO’s need to be open to change, allowing students to flourish in a learning style that they’re constantly exposed to and influenced by.

What do you think? Is eLearning able to keep up with the 21st century learner? Let me know your thoughts at

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