Students put their skills to the test in the MCIE Culinary Challenge

Bar 27/11/18 — Gemma McManus

After an entire day of cooking, the students attending the MCIE Culinary Challenge award ceremony on Thursday 15th November were eager to hear the results of the competition. All students used their skills to create amazing dishes, receiving praise from the judges. Any lingering fatigue felt by the young chefs was eclipsed by the satisfaction of knowing that they and their teammates had excelled in the challenge. One of the teams which impressed the judges had been put together only the day beforehand, due to a team being unable to participate. The three students who volunteered to take that team’s place had the extra challenge to create dishes from the ingredients which the original team had already ordered.

This year, we at Didasko were thrilled to be invited to the award ceremony, as well as sponsor the cookbooks given to the 3 winning teams. The competition was held by the Melbourne City Institute of Education (MCIE) for their Certificate III and Certificate IV Commercial Cookery students, which we offer online digital content for. Attending this event allowed us to catch-up and meet people from the hospitality industry, as well as try some of the excellent hors d’oeuvres the students had prepared for us. Vivienne O’Shannessy from MCIE was happy to wax lyrical about the diverse range of competition dishes that she had the privilege of being able to taste that day (much to the envy of her colleagues). She also applauded the guest judges, Martin Probst and Mark Normoyle, for creating such a supportive environment for the students.

Martin and Mark were excited to talk about the enthusiasm for the industry which the students had demonstrated. Mark even commented how he had learnt something new from the students that day, praising one team in particular for their creative fried soba noodles dish. Behind the event was a proud Gurpreet Bhatia, the coordinator of hospitality programs at MCIE. Gupreet took us aside and shared with us how hard the students had been working, even in the planning stages of the competition. The event had taken several weeks to prepare for and the dedication of his students had delighted him.

Want to see more photos?

More photos can be seen on MCIE’s Facebook page, posted by the social media trainer Jorden Peters, who we’d like to thank for supplying us the photos in this post.

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