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Meridian Vocational College students showcase their culinary skills in SA Cookoff!
Meridian Vocational College students showcase their culinary skills in SA Cookoff!

This August, Meridian Vocational College (MVC) participated in a culinary competition for a variety of students from different training organisations. In conjunction with this, the competition was sponsored by ‘Olives South Australia’, a non-profit organisation supporting South Australian olive growers for the past 25 years. This event brought the local community together, St Johns Youth Services were there to present the awards, and Chefs from the local industry were the… Continue reading Meridian Vocational College students showcase their culinary skills in SA Cookoff!

October 2021
Didasko FSK Resources are now available online all the time!
Didasko FSK Resources are now available online all the time!

Changing education climate pushes for ‘Blended Learning’ Australia has faced many unprecedented challenges over the past year, resulting in major transformations within the education sector. With the sudden prospect of rapid lockdowns and social distancing policies, the Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector has been compelled to adopt a ‘blended’ style of both online and… Continue reading Didasko FSK Resources are now available online all the time!

February 2021
Aged Care- Australia’s fastest growing sector:
Aged Care- Australia’s fastest growing sector:

Australia is currently facing an intense transition period, as the economy shifts away from the resources boom and places its focus into other sectors expected to grow and remain a priority. One of the industries poised to contribute largely to this growth is Aged Care. Currently, the Aged Care sector employs over 350,000 workers in… Continue reading Aged Care- Australia’s fastest growing sector:

November 2020
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Didasko Learning Resources is the leading educational publisher and developer of world-class eLearning resources for the Vocational Education and Training (VET) industry. Specialising in digital content and award-winning instructional design, we offer resources for a variety of training packages. Our comprehensive resources for training organisations, trainers and learners deliver superior learning outcomes, improved operational effectiveness and outstanding value. Didasko Learning Resources understands students of today, and the most effective ways to help our clients engage with them.

Didasko’s suite of SIT learning resources covers industry sectors such as cookery, hospitality, customer service, food and beverage, tourism and more. Drawing on industry experts, our online training resources deliver informative, up-to-date content that engages the learner and can be accessed whenever, wherever and however the learner chooses using Didasko Online.

Our scenario-based approach transcends learning barriers and breaks complex topics down into manageable topics. Through interactive and thought-provoking challenges, learners are given opportunities to apply their knowledge in real-world settings.

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