What Is Moodle?

Moodle is an online Learning Management System (LMS) that helps educators create and deliver online courses and learning resources. It is designed to give users the flexibility to tailor their learning experience to their individual needs. Moodle is used by schools and training institutions around the world, as well as by businesses and other organisations.

While Moodle is commonly used for online learning, it can also be used for face-to-face teaching, or a blend of both. Moodle has a wide range of features, including support for multimedia content, forums, quizzes, and activities. It also offers tools for tracking progress and reporting results, making it ideal for training providers who strive to offer the best educational outcomes for their students. Choose our LMS for online and blended learning that’s effective and efficient.

What Makes Didasko’s LMS for Online Training a Cut Above the Rest?

Easy to use and access

Our online LMS system has a simple design interface, modern drag and drop functionality, as well as continuous usability improvements. Moodle is web based so requires only internet access and can be accessed on any device or web browser. For our students, they can easily learn and navigate their vocational learning and assessments provided by educators with the LMS platform. 

Continually improved and updated

The LMS system is supported by the international community, developers, and certified partners who continuously fix bugs and improve the system, with new releases every 6 months. With all the newest features and updates, you know you will always have the best learning and teaching experience with Moodle. 

Multilingual capabilities and comprehensive resources

The LMS platform users contribute to the system forums, documentation, plugins, content and courses. For multilingual students, the system can aid and assist in their learning by helping them overcome language barriers. 

Secure, private and scalable

This LMS resource has been globally used to power thousands of learning environments. It is the most widely trusted platform with over 213 million users at academic and enterprise levels. The system can be used to accommodate from a few students to thousands, which makes it suitable for small groups as well as larger organisations. Our use of the Moodle LMS platform allows us to cater the learning environment for student classes of any size.

Adaptable and customisable

The LMS platform is easily customised to suit specific learning environments needs. It can integrate with external applications to add more functionality and add ons. 

Choose Didasko’s Learning Management System for customisable, easy to use learning outcomes.

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