Didasko Learning Resources is thrilled to announce that we have completed our assessment validation process, and what a great process it was.

Assessment validation involves checking that our assessment tools produce valid, reliable, sufficient, current and authentic evidence. This ensures that reasonable judgements can be made as to whether the requirements of the relevant aspects of the Training Package or accredited course have been met. It includes reviewing and making recommendations for future improvements to the assessment tools, process and/or outcomes.

VET Development Centre, Industry Validation of Assessment, October 2015

The process

Of the four different models, we conducted an assessor partnership whereby we shared our assessment tools within a small group of assessors. Between us (three external, three internal) we sought to identify improvements to our current tools.

We reviewed a sample of units from the SIT Tourism, Travel and Hospitality training package from various disciplines and AQF levels. Given our assessment tools all follow a similar structure/layout, we kept the sample size small. The documents were sent to our external reviewers for feedback before we came together to discuss the outcomes.

The Report – Validation group summary is the result of these discussions. Please read through the report and findings.

The process going forward

Any future units released or updated by Didasko will adhere to many of the recommendations made in the report. While not all recommendations are possible, primarily because we are a third-party resource provider and not an RTO, we endeavoured to apply what was possible and what would be in the best interest of our clients and learners.

What does it mean for you?

It means that we comply with the Standard for RTOs 2015 Conduct effective assessment (Clauses 1.8 – 1.11)

It ensures:

  • that our assessment practices are relevant to industry needs
  • that our industry engagement has industry relevant outcomes
  • that we are writing tools that support the needs of individual learners
  • that our tools comply with assessment requirements of the relevant training package and are conducted in accordance with the Principles of Assessment and the Rules of Evidence
  • that we comply with the ongoing systematic validation of assessment practices and judgements.

The outcome

We are very happy with the outcomes of this process and no ‘critical’ issues were identified.

The continuous improvement of our assessment tools helps us build effective assessments for effective delivery by you, and effective application by the learner, which ultimately leads to effective industry outcomes. A great outcome!

Love your skills recipe activity, and again, great content and assessments, very relevant, clean and easy to navigate. As a whole, students would have a pleasurable experience completing these tasks.

Didasko Assessment Validator, 13th December, 2016

If you have any questions we are more than happy to chat with you. Please contact us on 1300 554 100.