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Our RTO learning materials cover a range of industry specific courses including: 


Interactive multimedia content 

Didasko Online provides unique features to engage with students, such as high resolution multimedia including video and animation content and drag and drop functions. Students can also test their knowledge with multiple choice questions. 


24/7 convenient access 

All our RTO study material can be conveniently accessed from any mobile or computer device at any time, allowing students to have flexible learning at their own pace.


Up to date

Our RTO resources are continually kept up to date by publishers to meet education and compliance standards.


Comprehensive modules 

Didasko Online provides extensive materials for RTO learning, assessment and organisational templates and documents for vocational placements if required for the course. Our easy to use and efficient learner guides also assist students and trainers throughout the study curriculum. Where real life applications are not always possible, learning simulation environments are also available for select courses to test students and help them apply their learning. 


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About Us 

Didasko Online is proud to be one of the industry leaders in developing high quality, comprehensive learning resources for RTOs, trainers, Australian educators and students. We strive to provide exceptional learning outcomes to empower students to excel in their vocational pathways. 

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