Our VET learning program courses include: 


High quality, multimedia interactive features

The eLearning VET content is designed to give students a straightforward,  engaging learning program. The learning resources provide high resolution, unique features that allow students to watch videos and animations, click and drag content, and test their knowledge along the way with practice multiple choice questions. 


Easily accessible, online 

Didasko’s VET resources online allow students to access educational content anywhere and from any device with internet access. 


Up to date content 

We ensure that our vocational training and assessment is always up to date with education and compliance standards, to give students the necessary skills and qualifications for their dream career. 


Modern teaching solutions 

Students can complete everything online including Vocational training assessments. With eLearning resources, we can help educators teach theoretical knowledge and practical skills more effectively than traditional textbook methods. 


Streamline your teaching with Didasko’s VET (Vocational Education and Training resources). 

About us 

Didasko Online is an industry leader in developing eLearning resources. We strive to provide simplified and engaging learning resources across Australia. We help educators deliver the best unique learning experience to students.

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