What is a hospitality certification online?

Acquiring a Hospitality certificate will qualify learners with the skills and knowledge to safely work in restaurants, clubs, pubs, and cafes. Hospitality learning resources teach core skills related to food and drink handling, customer service, hygiene and safety standards. As students undertake further study, they will learn more managerial skills and operations standards. The more certifications students obtain, the more in-depth knowledge they have in the industry, opening their pathway to more jobs, responsibilities and higher salaries. 

What are the different qualifications that can be obtained in Hospitality?

There are 4 levels of certifications in Hospitality. These include: 

What skills can be learnt from Hospitality training?

At the beginning of the Hospitality study, students will be taught basic kitchen and service skills. The further one goes into study, broader concepts will be taught such as management, financial management and people management. Hospitality learning resources teach key skills such as:

  • Customer service
  • Food and beverage service
  • Fundamental kitchen skills
  • Coffee making
  • Cookery methods
  • Food and safety procedures
  • Food hygiene
  • Safe work practices 

Eventually, students will gain an understanding of leadership, hospitality management, cost control and financial management. Other concepts such as WHS, conflict, diversity and sustainability will also be explored.

What types of jobs will the Hospitality certificates lead to?

Once students have a Certificate II in Hospitality, their job opportunities can include food and beverage attendant, apprentice chef, or barista. With a Certificate III, students can become a front desk receptionist, waiter, bar attendant, guest service agent, front office assistant, espresso coffee machine operator, and housekeeper. A Certificate IV in Hospitality can lead to a job as a bar supervisor, shift manager, gaming supervisor, housekeeping supervisor, front office supervisor, concierge, and food and beverage supervisor. 

What is the average salary in Hospitality?

The average salary in the Hospitality industry is around $60,000 in Australia. Entry level jobs will generally pay the minimum wage which is around $19.49 per hour, or it may depend on the specific job. 

Other courses qualifications in Hospitality 

Other than the 5 certificates in Hospitality, students can also further study hospitality training materials to get diplomas or bachelors in more specific areas such as management. This includes:

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We deliver our Hospitality learning materials, assessments and resources through the Moodle LMS system, which facilitates the learning process with its advanced customisable features and solutions. Didasko’s Hospitality course content provides high resolution interactive multimedia to engage learners, test their knowledge through MCQs and provide online assessments. We prioritise flexible and convenient learning with our 24/7 access and mobile friendly content. 

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